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“We do not claim to be perfect, but we will do everything we can to make your day as perfect as possible!”

Some questions you may have…

  • Do we have contracts? Yes, We do have contracts and there is a $250.00 deposit to hold the date. That $250.00 does come off of the final amount due. The date will not be held without the contract and deposit being into us!
  • Do we know who our DJ will be up front? Yes, usually, your DJ will be Karie Lynn, Tom or one of our other very talented DJ’s
  • Do you provide a DJ who is involved with the crowd? We will attempt to make this day as perfect to your needs as possible! If you don’t want someone to be involved(and some people don’t) then, that is perfect, if you do want someone who is involved, please be sure to email us.
  • Do we meet with someone from Dynamite Reflections Entertainment? If you would like to, however, it is nice if we can do the majority of our correspondence via email and in a chain so that we can attempt to keep everything in one place for your day!
  • Do we have to pay the final amount in advance? Yes, the final amount due is due one month before the wedding.
  • When is the music due? The music and anything else that you want to be included in the wedding is due one month before the wedding like the final amount. This gives us enough time to prepare for your day. With that being said, if you want us to put your slideshow together, we will need all of the music and pictures at least three months before the wedding.
  • Do you separate out things in the packages that I don’t want to use? No, we sell the packages as a full package.
  • Do you have references or reviews? Yes, there are some for you on this page. If you need more, we do have some available. THE Reviews at these websites are at the very bottom of this email if you don’t want to go to each website to read them.


  • Wedding Wire Reviews… Click the link here…

Wedding Folio… Click the link here…… Click the link here…

Facebook reviews… Click the link here…

See pics at


  • Do you coordinate the night at all? Yes, we will coordinate your day!
  • Do you have help at your weddings? Yes, there is typically two of us, but if it is possible for one person, sometimes there is only one person.
  • Do you ASK- REQUIRE for tips? NO, I find that to be the rudest thing to do. OUR DJs will NOT ask you for a tip in any fashion. Please know that is not acceptable to us! If you feel that our services went above and beyond and your would like to give a tip, that is your choice, but it is not expected at all.
  • Is the photo booth an enclosed photo booth? It can be, but usually, no, we leave it open and put up a back drop right next to where we are set up and take the pictures there. WE ONLY PRINT THE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE HIRED US FOR THAT SEPARATELY, or it is in the contract written up over and above the normal contract. 🙂 We do however bring the props for the photo area and then we will send you the pics online or on a cd, or on Facebook. Our enclosed photo booth has 10 foot high walls, so please advise that we need the ability to put these up if you want an enclosed photo booth.
  • When is the photo booth, area set up? We set that up for two to three hours after the main dances are completed as it can be tacky to have that set up in your pictures for your main dances.
  • Are you professionals? We are considered professional Dj’s, we are licensed, insured and have been in business since 2001. We are NOT professional photographers, but we sure love taking pictures. Please be sure to look at our pictures before hiring us for pictures to be sure that they are to your liking.
  • Do you make sure that your lighting won’t mess up our photos that are taken by others? No, the only way to be sure that your pictures will turn out is to hire a professional. They know what they need to make sure that your pictures turn out perfectly.


Please ask any other questions that you think we should add here for future brides and grooms and that you would like to know! 🙂